Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey everyone! It's Amanda! This is a poem I made in my english class! Please tell me what you think!

How can you smile
When you feel so unhappy
Is it a sign
That you're in denial?
How can you smile
When everything before
Your eyes
Would make you want to cry?
But you just stand there
A movie of hate playing before
Your Gleaming eyes
My voice screaming at you
Why Why Why!
How can you feel anything but
Hate, anger, and sadness?
Errupting within you
Only a million times harder than this?
Minutes pass
Another thing gone
And you finally hear
My agonizing song.
Tears choke between my eyes
Streaming down
Along with my cries.
And you begin to chime
"Life is what gets us all, but as long as you stand tall, you can make it. Memories are the ones that stay, no matter the price we pay. Why are you crying? Because you lost it all? But in reality, the enemies will be the ones to fall. But remember, you still have me, and the memories we were cherishing."
And that's when I understood the meaning of life.